Personal Safety
Lesson - Instead og Making a collage with magazines students can use and online tool (Glogster)

Technology Literacy - classes 12, 13 & 14

Hook - Students discuss Cyberbullying & Internet Safety with school resource officer
  • Students will define cyberbulling and describe strategies to deal with such a situation, including how to anonymously report incidents to school officials.
  • Students will describe potential risks and dangers associated with various forms of online communication.
  • Students will recognize the public exposure of e-mail and appropriate e-mail etiquette
  • Students will write a letter or e-mail to Ryan Halligan’s parents.
  • Students will use painting and drawing applications to create and edit work.

Class 12
Lesson 1
Today we will:
  • TTL4 ten minutes
  • Watch Ryan Halligan Video & Netsmartz videos Netsmartz Real Life videoexternal image CyberBullying.ppt
  • Thin-pair-share - Discuss how you felt after watching video with your partner
  • Write a letter or e-mail to Ryan Halligan’s parents telling them how they felt after watching the video and what they will do to prevent cyberbullying from happening in this school.
      • Write letter using Kurzweil - have letter read back to you- self edit

Class 13 & 14
Lesson 2
Today we will:
  • Sketch out cyberbullying poster on paper
  • Demonstrate basics of Microsoft Paint
  • Create posters about Cyberbullying in Microsoft Paint and save on H:drives

Exit Ticket - How has watching these videos changed your role as a “bystander”?
external image empty.png Grade 6 Cyber Bullying Posters1.pptexternal image msword.png CyberBullying poster Rubric.docexternal image pdf.png Handout 2 -CyberBullying.pdfexternal image empty.png Handout -Top 10 Ways to Prevent Cyberbullying.mht
external image msword.png Cyber Bullying.doc

Homework - Read Cyber-bullying-vs-Traditional-bullying Use this online Venn Diagram to compare and contrast online Bullying to face to face Bullying Venn Diagram