Grade 2 Define Cyberspace

What: Community (Internet connects the world) What: Define Cyberspace *Clarify best terminology.
What : Size of Cyberspace
What: Personal Safety on computer related to stranger danger information never to give out__
(Some Ideas: Skype, Google Earth *Connect to Waltham community first, Connect to country project)

Project Ideas:

Grade 2

Discussion on "What is the Internet?" Have a general discussion of what the Internet is: "The Internet, in simplest terms, is the large group of millions of computers around the world that are all connected to one another. These computers are connected by phone lines, fiber optic lines, coaxial cable, satellites, and wireless connections. When you log on to the Internet you are given access to many of the other computers that are connected around the world." __
Talk about the differences between the Internet and computer programs (Starfall verse KidPix/Fastt Math)
Using Google Earth, start at Waltham, and the elementary school, and "fly" to various places, explaining that the Internet connects people all over the world. Explain how using sites like http://__www.tutpup.com__ you can play addition and subtraction games verse other children around the world.
Let them play
Use the two pledges to discuss how we need to stay safe in the real world, and how that is related to staying safe on the Internet
(prep work need to import students with names similar to
__RedShark1824__ from the UK
able to generate class list with names)
very cute, kids and teachers love this game.